Cypress Bowl


Trailheads for several hiking trails, from easy to challenging, are located in Cypress Bowl. Descriptions of these trails can be found in the local guidebooks listed in this website under: "Recreation>Hiking at Cypress." The Yew Lake wheelchair-accessible trail leads past the lake to a small old-growth forest stand. The Yew Lake area includes examples of nearly all the park's wildflowers, shrubs, and tree species. The trailhead for the challenging Howe Sound Crest Trail to the park's northern section starts near the Yew Lake trailhead.

The Baden-Powell Trail on Black Mountain Plateau passes several small subalpine lakes before reaching a spectacular viewpoint at Eagle Bluff. The trailhead for the Baden-Powell Trail section across Hollyburn Mountain's southwest slope is also in Cypress Bowl. This trail passes through an impressive ancient forest with trees that are over 1000 years old, later intersecting the Hollyburn Peak Trail. Trails to Mount Strachan are not maintained by BC Parks and are not well marked.

The lower slopes of Black and Strachan mountains were logged in the mid-1960s before the area was granted park protection. BC Parks later established a downhill ski area in Cypress Bowl. CBRL now operates the ski area, offering both downhill skiing and and snowboarding on Black and Strachan mountains. In winter, backcountry access to park areas beyond the ski area is restricted to passage on marked corridors and requires a free 'backcountry access' pass (liability waiver), available at the ski area ticket office, or from ski area staff on duty near the start of the 'backcountry access' route.


Ancient trees on Old Strachan Trail, R. Van Heyst photo

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