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Cypress Park’s southern section was granted Class A Provincial Park status in 1975. The Northern section and the Howe Sound Crest Trail were added in 1982. The Hollyburn Mountain area became a popular recreation area in the 1920s when hikers and skiers began making use of old West Vancouver logging roads to reach the mountain. Hollyburn Lodge was built in 1926 and hundreds of cabins were constructed on Hollyburn Ridge, using timber from flumes left from the logging operation below the current park boundaries. Hollyburn Lodge is still in use today.

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Cypress Bowl was then West Vancouver's watershed and was set aside as a park reserve in 1944. Unfortunately, a proposal by private enterprise to develop commercial ski facilities in the Bowl resulted in the clearcutting of portions of Black and Strachan mountains in the late 1960s before public outrage obliged the Province to create the park. Downhill ski facilities built by the government as part of park establishment were sold to Cypress Bowl Recreations, Ltd., in 1984 through a 50-year renewable Park Use Permit. The Hollyburn Ridge ski facilities were included in this sale.


Historic Hollyburn Lodge

In February 2001 the ski operation run by CBRL was sold to a Seattle-based company, Boyne USA. Shortly thereafter the Vancouver 2010 Bid Committee selected Cypress as the venue for all 2010 Freestyle and Snowboard events- due to space and logistics restrictions for spectators at Whistler during the 2010 Winter OLympics. This prompted Boyne USA to rethink the logging of Mt Strachan for the Gondola, ski runs and Mountaintop restaurant. Under a 2004 Master Plan Amendment, ski area expansion was moved to the previously logged slopes of Black Mtn and the Gondola and Restaurant plans for Mt Strachan were abandoned. The 2010 venue development will also take place on the already cleared slopes on Black Mountain.

Cypress Ski Area: In May 2006 the CBRL ski operation and other commercial facilities within the park were sold by parent company Boyne USA to CNL Income Properties inc. in a sale also involving a Boyne USA owned recreation area in Gatlinburg , Tennessee. This does not involve any sale of the park, deletion of the park from the BC Parks system, or any CBRL management or staff changes, as the facilities will be leased back and run by CBRL and Boyne through the 2010 Olympics and until at least 2025, with extension possible to the year 2045. This arrangement will not affect the day to day running of the ski area, staffing, ski area development or the BC Parks Cypress Master Plan. (see: Updates )

Hollyburn Heritage Society

The Hollyburn Heritage Society was formed in 1998 with two main goals in mind:

1. to restore Hollyburn Ski Lodge for future generations to enjoy, and

  1. collect, assemble, catalogue and share the history of Vancouver's North Shore mountains; in particular, Hollyburn, Black, and Strachan.

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