Hollyburn Ridge


Hollyburn Ridge has been a popular area for hiking and skiing since the 1920s, long before the park was officially created in 1975. Historic Hollyburn Lodge, built in 1926 and still in use, is a 10-minute hike up the Burfield Trail from the Hollyburn Ridge parking lot. Trails from this area lead up to Hollyburn Peak or across the First Lake Bridge to West Lake, Blue Gentian Lake and other areas in the park's southeast corner. Trails also lead across Hollyburn's southwest slope to Cypress Bowl. See "Hiking at Cypress" for more information. The southeast corner of Cypress Park can also be reached from trails starting in British Properties (northeast West Vancouver). A comprehensive map showing West Vancouver trails is available at the West Vancouver Municipal Hall. A "North Shore Recreation Map," by Terrapro Recmaps, is also available commercially.

During the winter, the major portion of the Hollyburn Ridge area is managed by Cypress Bowl Recreations Limited (CBRL), the commercial ski operator in the park. CBRL offers cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tubing and tobogganing in this area. The Hollyburn Hikers' Access Trail provides free, unrestricted winter access to Hollyburn Peak. The trailhead is located near the BC Parks Information Kiosk in the Hollyburn Ridge parking lot, with the trail running just outside CBRL's Controlled Recreation Area.


Heather Lakes Area below Hollyburn Peak Mike Steig photo

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