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Master Plan


2004 Cypress Master Plan Amendment.

In June 2002, Cypress Bowl Recreations Ltd. (Cypress Mountain), the ski facilities operator within Cypress Provincial Park, proposed a significant amendment to the 1997 Cypress Ski Area Master Plan to accommodate the 2010 Winter Olympic Venues. After a full public process, and after careful review and considerable input from FCPP. this amendment received approval from the Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection early in 2004.

Highlights of the revised Master Plan include abandoning plans made by the previous ski facilities owner to build a gondola liftline and mountaintop restaurant on Mt. Strachan, and dropping plans to cut new ski runs through exceptionally important old-growth on Strachan's Southwestern slopes. Instead, new development, including the 2010 Venues, has been built on Black Mountain's East-facing slopes in second-growth forest in an area logged more than thirty years ago for ski area construction. The new base area and parking lots, completed in 2009, were reduced in size. In addition, several important areas of the Controlled Recreation Area in the park were surrendered by Cypress Mountain as part of the new Master Plan agreement.


One of many old-growth trees now protected on Mt. Strachan

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