Northern Section


The northern section includes Deeks Lake and Brunswick Mountain, with the Lions Peaks just outside the park boundary. The 30 kilometer Howe Sound Crest Trail (HSCT) connects the park's southern and northern sections. This trail stretches from Cypress Bowl in the park's southern section to Highway 99 near Porteau Cove on Howe Sound, passing the Lions Peaks along the way. St. Mark's Summit and Mt. Unnecessary are popular shorter destinations along the HSCT from Cypress Bowl. There are also trailheads to the Lions, Deeks Lake, and other destinations from Lions Bay and other points along Highway 99.

Trail guides, proper equipment and hiking experience are prerequisites for hiking in this rugged terrain. Hikes in this area are described in several easily available hiking books; a review of topographic maps is advisable.


The Lions as viewed from the Howe Sound Crest Trail

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