Plant Lists


Southern Cypress Provincial Park’s easy access and diverse plant species make this area ideal for botanical studies. Plant lists for several areas within the park’s southern section have been compiled by Vancouver Natural History Society members and others:

Click here to download a Yew Lake Plant List (421kb):

Click here to download a Blue Gentian Lake Plant List (232kb):

Click here Hollyburn 4-Lakes Loop Plant & Fungi List (354kb):

Click here to download a Black Mountain Plant List (261kb):

See here for an electronic atlas of the plants of British Columbia

See here for a complete botanical photo collection.

See “Cypress Provincial Park: Domain of the Heather Family” article from Discovery for a botanical overview.

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Blue gentians, Bob Harris photo

Recommended plant identification books are:

Plants of Coastal British Columbia, Pojar and MacKinnon, 1994

(Plants arranged by family)

Trees, Shrubs and Flowers to Know in British Columbia and

Washington, Lyons and Merilees,1995 (Plants arranged by flower colour)

Click Here to download article: "Domain of the Heathers" by Terry Taylor ,

Discovery 2003 ( 683kb)

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