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Interpretive signs – funded by FCPP

FCPP-funded interpretive signs - BC Parks Kiosk in Cypress Bowl.

Over the last several years, Friends of Cypress has funded and helped design five major interpretive signs for the park. The “Cypress Giants” and “Ancient Forests” signs can be seen in BC Parks' Information Kiosks in Cypress Bowl.  They highlight the park's record-sized trees, dominant tree species, and key characteristics of old-growth forests. “Cypress Giants” also pays tribute to the late Randy Stoltmann, big trees hunter, conservationist, author of several books on BC's old-growth and wilderness areas, and West Vancouver resident. 

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The sign titled “An Ancient Forest” is just beyond the Baden-Powell trailhead off the Collins ski run on Mt. Strachan. This section of the Baden-Powell Trail traverses Hollyburn Mountain’s southwest slope from Cypress Bowl to the Hollyburn Peak Trail. The sign brings attention to the great age of the ancient forest through which the trail passes.

The “Roadside Yellow-Cedar” sign provides information about the impressive 1200-year-old yellow-cedar on the west side of the Cypress Bowl Road, just before the Hollyburn Ridge turn-off. The sign can be seen at the viewing pull-off during the summer, but is taken down in winter to protect it from ski operation machinery. 

“Hollyburn – the place to be” was installed in 2011 on the BC Parks’ Information Kiosk in the Hollyburn Ridge cross-country area. The sign commemorates Hollyburn Mountain’s over 100 years of recreational history.

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